Premier Christy Clark is a bully – so says NDP MLA Selina Robinson

Following a Pink Shirt Day event at the Legislature that included a children’s play about bullying, Coquitlam-Maillardville NDP MLA Selina Robinson says Premier Christy Clark and the BC Liberals are bullies.

[In the play] “They talked about people having power, and then those that have less power,  and making them feel even worse, and taking their power, that’s what we are characterizing here. The Liberals have power,  they won government,  and they are making lots of decisions,  and order to hang on to the power,  they make everyone else, those whose jobs it is to hold them accountable … feel bad, so that they are less capable of doing their job, which is holding government accountable. It’s bullying, and it certainly feels that way”

Robinson says the clucking sounds Advanced Education Minister Andrew Wilkinson made in Question Period on Tuesday during heated questioning, is bullying because it’s all about humiliation.

“The comments that the premier is making regularly about NDP and NDP supporters castigating those of us who share similar values and have some policy ideas, casting us as lazy, or irrelevant … other words that she has used and often mocking her own son in that context, those are bullying behaviours as she characterized. So, it’s just become a little shallow when you’re faced with that, and you listen to that. And it’s heartbreaking and disappointing”

Robinson made her comments on Pink Shirt Day.

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