Tightened security at Rogers Arena

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – You can expect tightened security next time you visit Rogers Arena as metal detectors are being brought.

The Canucks are warning it will take longer to get fans inside so you should arrive 15 to 20 minutes earlier than you normally would.

Kingsley Bailey with Vancouver Ticket says most NHL, NBA, NFL and MLB arenas and stadiums already do this.

“For me when I want to go to an event with my kids, I feel thankful and grateful that they’re very security conscious. This is the norm and I think because we are in Canada, that’s way it’s taken a while to [come here],” he explains. “I think for the fans, we’d like to see it that way because we’re all for security and this day and age when anything can happen it’s good to see they’re being proactive for the safety of the fans in the building.”

The Canucks say the new measures are part of a league wide initiative.

To speed things up when you’re there, you’re asked to remove everything from your pockets before you get up to an entrance.

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