Unsophisticated tax scam victimizing Vancouver residents

Vancouver Police are warning people about a tax-related scam happening right now that isn’t sophisticated, but has victimized at least half a dozen people so far.

Detective Linda Grange say they phone up saying they are from the Canada Revenue Agency.

She says, “They’re purporting to be a Revenue Canada agent, police, from some legal authority of B.C. and they’re saying to the person they’re calling you owe money to Revenue Canada and that there’s either a warrant out for your arrest or there will be if you don’t pay.”

The victim is then ordered to go to places like Home Deport of Safeway, put money on gift cards, and then phone back with the numbers on the back, the scammers somehow then redeem the gift card.

Grange says the amounts involved are 2500-dollars or less.

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