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Vancouver to Seattle


Vancouver to Seattle By Bus


SeaTac Airport,
Pier 30,
Pier 66 Adult $55.00 $98.00 $86.00*
Senior/Military $53.00 $94.00 $82.00*
Student $44.00 $79.00 $68.00*
Child $26.00 $47.00 $38.00*

Daily Departure

Downtown Seattle,
Tulalip Adult $41.00 $73.00 $49.00*
Senior/Military $39.00 $69.00 $47.00*
Student $31.00 $56.00 $37.00*
Child $20.00 $36.00 $28.00*

Bellingham Airport Adult $27.00 $48.00 $38.00*
Senior/Military $26.00 $46.00 $36.00*
Student $20.00 $36.00 $28.00*
Child $16.00 $28.00 $24.00*

Vancouver Hotels 04:15 07:00 09:15 n/a n/a
Vancouver Downtown 05:00 07:45 10:00 13:30 17:30
41st & Granville 05:15 08:00 10:15 13:45 17:50
Vancouver Airport 05:35 08:20 10:35 14:05 18:10
South Surrey 06:10 08:55 11:10 14:40 18:5


Vancouver to Seattle Bus Greyhound

VANCOUVER, BC 05:50am GLI 6547

COQUITLAM, BC 06:15am 06:15am GLI 6547

BELLINGHAM, WA 08:05am 08:10am :05 GLI 6547

MOUNT VERNON, WA 08:40am 08:45am :05 GLI 6547

EVERETT, WA 09:25am 09:30am :05 GLI 6547

SEATTLE, WA 10:10am

Schedule Details
Location Arrives Departs Layover Carrier Schedule Stop Remarks

VANCOUVER, BC 08:15am GLI 6501

BELLINGHAM, WA 10:35am 10:40am :05 GLI 6501

SEATTLE, WA 12:20pm

Schedule Details
Location Arrives Departs Layover Carrier Schedule Stop Remarks

VANCOUVER, BC 02:45pm GLI 6579
BELLINGHAM, WA 04:50pm 05:00pm :10 GLI 6579
MOUNT VERNON, WA 05:30pm 05:35pm :05 GLI 6579
EVERETT, WA 06:15pm 06:20pm :05 GLI 6579
SEATTLE, WA 07:00pm

Schedule Details
Location Arrives Departs Layover Carrier Schedule Stop Remarks

VANCOUVER, BC 06:30pm GLI 6599

BELLINGHAM, WA 08:20pm 08:25pm :05 GLI 6599
MOUNT VERNON, WA 08:55pm 09:00pm :05 GLI 6599
EVERETT, WA 09:40pm 09:45pm :05 GLI 6599
SEATTLE, WA 10:25pm

Adult $26.00

Greyhound offers valuable savings year-round. Visit our discounts page to find out how you can save with our everyday fare reductions. You can also save money by taking advantage of our current. Other tips for saving money:

Vancouver to Seattle Train

Service Departs Arrives Duration Amenities  
$30.00 517 Cascades
Vancouver, BC
5:45 pm
Seattle, WA
10:05 pm
4h 20m    
$35.00 8911 Bus
Vancouver, BC
5:30 am
Seattle, WA
9:15 am
3h 45m  
$35.00 8907 Bus
Vancouver, BC
8:00 am
Seattle, WA
12:30 pm
4h 30m  
$35.00 8909 Bus
Vancouver, BC
11:30 am
Seattle, WA
4:00 pm
4h 30m  
$35.00 8957 Bus
Vancouver, BC
5:00 pm
Seattle, WA
8:30 pm
3h 30m  


Service/Train Name Cascades Coast Starlight Cascades Thruway Cascades Thruway Thruway Cascades Thruway Cascades
Train Number 501 11 513 b 507 b b 509 b 517
Days of Operation Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Fr/Su* Daily Daily Daily Daily
On Board Service ®Byl ®srl ®Byl ® ®Byl ® ® ®Byl ® ®Byl
Mile Symbol
Vancouver, BC–Pacific Central Sta. (PT) 0 ●◗ W Dp b 5 30A b 8 00A b11 30A b5 00P l 5 45P
Richmond, BC–Sandman Signature Hotel 12 R 5 50A R 8 30A R12 00N 5 30P
Surrey, BC–Pacific Inn 29 R 6 20A R 9 00A R12 30P 6 00P
Bellingham, WA (Alaska Marine Highway) 62 ●◗ W 8 35A b 2 50P 7 40P
Mount Vernon, WA 88 w 9 04A 3 25P 8 12P
Everett, WA 123 c W l 9 55A R12 10P 4 10P 8 54P
Edmonds, WA 139 c w l 10 21A 9 19P
Seattle, WA 157 c W Ar 9 15A l 10 55A 12 30P 4 00P 5 00P 8 30P l10 05P
Seattle, WA (Victoria, BC q—see back) b Port Angeles—see back 0 c W Dp l 7 30A l 9 45A Coast Starlight toLos Angeles l 11 20A l 2 20P l 5 30P
Tukwila, WA (SeaTac Airport ) 11 W 7 45A 11 35A 2 35P 5 45P
Tacoma, WA 39 c w l 8 15A l 10 31A l 12 05P l 3 05P l 6 15P
Olympia-Lacey, WA 75 w 8 54A 11 21A 12 44P 3 44P 6 54P
Centralia, WA 94 c W 9 16A l 11 45A l 1 03P l 4 03P 7 13P
Kelso-Longview, WA 137 w 9 54A 12 29P 1 44P 4 44P 7 54P
Vancouver, WA 177 c W l 10 29A l 1 08P l 2 19P l 5 19P l 8 29P
Portland, OR b Boise, Seaside, Astoria—see back 187 c w Ar l 11 00A l 1 50P l 3 00P l 5 50P l 9 00P
Portland, OR 187 c w Dp bl11 30A l 2 25P bl3 30P b 5 45P l 6 15P b 7 30P l 9 10P
Oregon City, OR 202 ●◗ w 6 36P 9 31P
Salem, OR 239 ●◗ W l12 30P l 3 37P l4 30P 6 45P 7 22P D 8 30P 10 17P
Albany, OR b Corvallis, Newport—see back 267 ●◗ W l 1 10P l 4 10P lD5 05P D 7 20P 7 51P D 9 05P 10 46P
Eugene-Springfield, OR b Florence, Coos Bay—see back 310 c W l 1 55P l 5 10P l5 55P 8 10P l 8 50P D 9 55P l11 45P
University of Oregon-Eugene, OR b (PT) 310 W Ar 6 10P 8 25P 10 10P
Vancouver, BC—

TransLink Skytrain, bus and ferry service:

(604) 953-3333; West Coast Express commuter rail: (604) 488-8906 or 1-800-570-7245;

Mount Vernon—

507 501 Connecting Train/Bus Number 507 504
8575 8551 Thruway Number 8552 8550
Su-Fr Daily Mile Days of Operation Symbol Su-Fr Daily
8 55P 0 Dp Portland, OR–Greyhound Sta. (PT) w Ar 8 40P
10 40P 22 Ar Salem, OR–Greyhound Sta. w 6 50P
11 10P 2 10P 77 Albany, OR–Amtrak Sta. w 6 00P 7 10A
11 30P 2 40P 88 Corvallis, OR–Greyhound Sta. w 5 40P 6 55A
12 30A 3 40P 148 Toledo, OR–Dairy Queen w 4 40P 5 55A
12 40A 3 50P 156 Ar Newport, OR w Dp 4 30P 5 45A
–Greyhound Sta. (PT)


Vancouver to Seattle By Plane Air Canada

Air canada 08:00 08:50 DH3 $tango Latitude

AC8089 08:00 08:50 DH3 0 - $77 $217

AC8093 11:10 11:59 DH3 0 - $77 $217

AC8095 15:00 15:49 DH3 0 - $105 $231

AC8099 18:30 19:20 DH3 0 - $77 $217



Travelling By Bus

If you know the departure schedule, simply arrive at the terminal at least 30 minutes before departure to purchase your ticket and tag your luggage.

It is on a first-come, first-served basis.

However, for a non-refundable fee of $5 (including GST), you can purchase priority seating and seat selection at the ticket counter of 27 major locations (see Priority Seating section).

When Greyhound fills a regularly scheduled bus with passengers during times of peak demand, Greyhound plans for additional buses to accommodate passengers beyond the seating capacity of a single bus for any given schedule.

When picking up passengers en route (such as at a rest stop), continuing passengers who de-boarded at the rest stop are given priority to re-board.

Greyhound buses travel around the clock, so you can travel by day and enjoy the scenery through wide panoramic windows.

In addition to stops en route, buses make rest stops every few hours, and meal stops are scheduled as close to normal meal times as possible.

Teens 16-18 years old who are traveling as part of an adult-sponsored school, religious, cultural or athletic group, will be allowed entry with just a copy of their birth certificate.

ATTENTION: Passengers without proper Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) compliant travel documents will not be permitted to board the bus for entry into the U.S.A. Transportation will not be provided back to the terminal of trip origin.

For more information please visit the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative site.

The permanent resident card (PR card) is mandatory for permanent residents wishing to re-enter Canada aboard any commercial carrier (airplane, boat, train or bus).



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